Job #: 2842

Title: Registered Nurse – Brooklyn, NY


  • New York City, NY
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  • Permanent
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  • $50,000 to $75,000

    • Anywhere
    • Posted 4 months ago



    Perform nursing assessment on each client upon the  client’s  entry  into  the  program and (at  minimum)  annually thereafter. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the clients’ general health  condition,  identify  any risk factors which may exist, and provide care for any presenting or out-standing medical issues.  At the conclusion of such an assessment, the RN may refer the client to a physician for further follow-up treatment, if required.
    Conduct substance abuse assessments to ascertain clients’ needs for treatment.
    Develop a treatment care plan based on clients’ needs.   Ensure that any necessary follow-up will occur and any necessary or prescribed care need is administered.
    In line with doctor’s orders, administer prescribed and/or routine medical treatments.   Ensure that all NY State Regulations regarding such administration are adhered to.
    Assist clients with scheduling clinic appointments and accompany the client when required.
    Function as a clinical liaison between external medical/psychiatric health care providers, schools, other community organizations and the facility with regards to the client’s medical needs.
    Function as a clinical liaison within an interdisciplinary team of medical/psychiatric providers, social workers, care coordinators, case managers and peers.
    Responsible for health education and communicating information regarding good health  practices  to the  client’s under RN’s care.
    May run medication groups.
    Respond to medical emergencies immediately upon notification.   Perform whatever triage is necessary to stabilize the client and provide access to all necessary medical treatment.  Follow up to ensure complete recovery.
    Perform all necessary charting and other  patient  documentation  as  required  by internal  practice  and external regulatory bodies.
    Obtain lab specimens, ordered by prescribers, which may include specimen preparation before sending to the lab.
    Monitor lab results for any indications of change; communicate such change(s) to the physician.
    Provide advocacy for hospitalized clients.
    Will comply with all OSHA rules and guidance.
    Will participate in any and all program reviews both internal and external.



    RN, BA preferred, in nursing.  New York State registration is required.
    Experience in the mental health/substance abuse field strongly preferred.


    The candidate should be able to read documents for analytical purposes such as computer information, software, computer graphic design programs, etc.
    Limited applications of manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

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