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    • Posted 9 months ago

    The Project Manager will be responsible for leading and managing the Systems planning/development projects that make new/enhanced system launching, based on the defined rules/procedures within the time and cost constraints. Target projects are medium to high complexity and/or medium to high risk IT projects that will support Corporate Banking Business of Japanese Global Bank. This will include works of scope definition, costing, scheduling, project progress monitoring, issue tracking, and managing and mitigating project risks with strong motivation to lead the projects to be launched successfully..
    Project Management
    Quick learning of Japanese global bank quality assurance methodology/development procedures and terminologies. Quickly be comingled himself/herself with project team by good communication skills.
    Establishment of trust relationship with team members and his/hers managers by visualized contributions e.g. document creation and un-visualized contribution e.g. aggressive motivation that does not hesitate to bear the work burden and finish them by exactly before ETA.
    Excellent communication skills that can handle both explicit and implicit expression, optimistic and realistic in face of difficult situation, bold & specific to show his/hers idea but welcome to have compromised approach if it is feasible and best for project.
    Preference to take the initiative and to bear the responsibility to handle project issues, rather than
    to be passive and wait for instruction in face of project issues
    Preference to lead the project based on the Critical Thinking and Logical Thinking background.
    Have flexibility to adjust his/hers project management approach based on the reality. Consider the optimized project approach based on fully understanding of project members.

    Join project planning works and facilitating the business requirements definition discussion.
    Join the feasibility study session to visualize the project scope and the key risk factors.
    Join the BRD preparation works by users to secure good consistency with PPD
    Taking a lead in drafting the project planning documents (PPD) and depict whole project picture
    e.g. resource plan , environment plan, schedule plan, budget plan, roles & responsibility plan etc.
    Taking a lead in drafting the WBS to track the tracking project progress closely.
    Taking a lead to plan & deploy the counter action if critical issues happened or expected to happen.
    Taking a lead to coordinate with venders and/or development teams to ensure the delivery of the project deliverables that meet the required standard of quality.
    Taking a lead in facilitating the meetings with project members and lead discussion to be fruitful.
    Taking a lead in managing Change Control process with drafting materials to explain.
    Taking a lead of all document works to satisfy accountability for tracking the project status and handling project issues (management report, Steering Committee Report, Tokyo Head Office report, etc. )
    Update his/hers managers regularly and from time to time, to fix difficult issues as a team.
    Comply with IT policies and development procedures and works across practices that are prepared
    based on the Japanese quality assurance methodology and optimized for global work stream.
    Manages the relationship and communications with key stakeholders including departments of
    Head Office in Tokyo to be in line with global IT planning and coordination practice.

    Bachelor degree or equivalent experience and/or education required.
    At least 5 year experience of project management and/or IT planning and/or management works
    Good at documentation works e.g. Pre-Study Plan, IT investment strategy, PPD, BRD, SIT strategy, Migration strategy
    Preferred that experience of working in Japanese global company either in IT or Business Operations
    Detailed understanding of project management and risk control methodologies.
    Proficient computer skills, Microsoft Office Suite; working knowledge of program/project management tools/software (MS Project, JIRA)
    Excellent skills of organizing project management documents including good presentation capability.
    Excellent verbal/ written communication skills among project members including senior managements
    Planning, financial and budgetary control skills
    Must be fluent in English. Much preferred if he/she has Japanese language capabilities including read/write.

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