Job #: 2874

Title: Medical Assistant


  • Northern New Jersey
  • Job Type:

  • Contract
  • Contract Pay Rate:
  • $25-50
    • Anywhere
    • Posted 3 months ago

    Essential Job functions:

    Assists Physician, APN/PA with patient care, patient flow, procedures and clerical duties.
    Responsible for greeting patients/family, scheduling patient appointments and tests in an efficient and timely manner.
    Collects payments from patients, provides account balance, and issues receipts.  Posts payments to the correct accounts.  Opens and closes batches daily as required, prepares bank deposit bags.
    Answer the telephone promptly and deal with callers needs expediously.  Takes an accurate message when needed and delivers to the appropriate individual. Demonstrates appropriate etiquette.
    Provides referrals and/or consult orders appropriately and in a timely manner.
    Schedules and enters diagnostic tests and procedures into order management system, following all appropriate workflows.
    Obtains, verifies and updates patient information including demographics, insurance, HIPAA forms and financial waivers.
    Prepares the examination room.  Escorts patient into the room. Cleans examination room when exam is complete.
    Ensures proper preparation for patient visit. Prepares pertinent information needed for patient visit.
    Schedules appointments accurately and appropriately according to departmental guidelines
    Collects lab specimens according to departmental guidelines. Accurately labels specimens.
    Accurately completes any/all necessary forms for the patients.
    Obtains vital signs: BP, temp, pulse, height & weight accurately and completely as required. Documents appropriately in EHR.
    Works cooperatively with PCR and clinical staff to ensure timely pre-authorizations.
    Appropriately reviews and reconciles medication list.
    Accurately documents allergies in EHR.
    Reconciles encounters daily and accurately, according to policy guidelines.
    Employs appropriate and timely use of Tasking.
    Confirms future appointments as needed.  Reconciles Televox cancellation list.
    Communicates to the Office Supervisor / Manager appropriately and promptly.
    Maintains an organized sample closet and discards outdated medication.
    Employs appropriate and timely use of Tasking.
    Appropriately enters and links orders.
    Consistently and accurately stocks examination rooms with all necessary supplies. Monitors supply inventory, completes and directs requisitions for supplies, forms, equipment or services.
    General Job Functions:

    Verbalizes and demonstrates understanding medical emergency procedure.
    Complies with all SMG regulatory policies, procedures and standards.
    Understands and performs within scope of practice.
    Other duties as required i.e. EKG, Phlebotomy.
    Physical Job Requirements:

    Pushing and pulling, taking frequency and weight into consideration.
    Physical strength to lift heavy objects, carts, or items, taking frequency and weight into consideration.
    Physical mobility, which includes movement from place to place on the job, taking distance and speed into account.
    Physical agility, which includes ability to maneuver body while in place.
    Dexterity of hands and fingers. Balance is maintained during climbing, bending and/or reaching.
    Endurance (e.g. continuous typing, prolonged standing/bending, walking).

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