Job #: 1676

Title: Investment Analyst – Urbandale Iowa


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    Data aggregation – Analysts are responsible for the collection of data points in order to complete client reports. These data points include transaction and holdings files received electronically or from audited investment manager or custodian statements.  Frequent communication with investment managers and custodians to gather and/or clarify client-specific data is required.
    Reconcile data, calculate performance and produce reports – Analyst is responsible for reconciling data against audited investment statements and calculating performance through an outsourced platform Mercer uses called Investor Force in accordance with Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).  An analyst will produce many different types of reports (monthly performance, analytics to support the QIR and quantitative quarterly reports that include risk analysis, style analysis, attribution, peer comparison, characteristics data, etc).
    Analyze reports – Analysts are responsible for reviewing their reports and performing peer review on other analysts’ reports before sending to clients or consultants.  An audit report is used to help the assess the accuracy of the performance calculations, to evaluate manager and composite performance relative to the appropriate benchmark, determine rebalancing needs and to monitor allowable manager tracking error.  Analysts will contact a manager as needed when material differences exist between calculated and manager reported returns.  Spot checking is conducted on lengthier quantitative reports to ensure reasonableness.
    Project work – Prepare rebalancing spreadsheets, what if analysis, new composite construction and other ad hoc reports for clients and consultants upon request.