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Title: Insurance Assistant – Houston, TX


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    • Posted 11 months ago

    ​Provides support to help clients coordinate solutions, manage accounts, obtain advice and administer plans. Ensures customer questions and issues are answered correctly and efficiently by documenting and identifying trends in customer service needs. Resolves and oversees customer issues surrounding consulting, information, and software services, solutions and products.
    Identifies, assesses, obtains and negotiates insurance carrier coverage policies to meet client needs. Provides ongoing support to management by gathering and managing information on market practices with regards to general trends, pricing and underwriting policies. Coordinates with advisors and client executives to document, evaluate and select insurance carrier coverage quotes.
    • Established and productive individual contributor.
    • Works on routine tasks under moderate supervision.
    • Problems are typically of a routine nature, but may at times require interpretation or deviation from standard procedures.
    • Makes minor adjustments to working methods.
    • Communicates information that requires explanation or interpretation.
    This position is for an established and productive support staff in Placement, who works on routine tasks under moderate supervision for routine situations. He or she helps the placement specialist prepare documentation and submissions, maintains records and reviews coverage specifications.
    Responsibility Statements
    Enter Responsibility Statements
    Helps Placement colleague prepare documentation and submissions for market, including specifications, loss records and summary reports to better serve clients.
    Assists with collecting and comparing quotes for Placement colleague and reviewing existing client insurance and risk programs to ensure the accuracy of the documents.
    Helps maintain proper records and inputs the necessary information into the database to ensure the smooth continuation of the Placement process.
    Ensures a basic technical understanding of the Placement business to better assist the Placement Specialist.
    Reviews coverage specifications to be submitted to carriers/underwriters to ensure they are accurate.
    Handles market contact at appropriate levels needed to execute assigned tasks effectively and assist the Placement colleague.



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