Job #: 2353

Title: Financial Data Analyst – Boston, MA


  • Boston, MA
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  • Contract
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  • $0-25
    • Anywhere
    • Posted 1 year ago

    Collect fund fees and fund objectives from 31 outside firms via different formats (excel, word, PDF) and input them into excel templates with 100% accuracy. Co-handle the tracker to monitor the overall progress.
    – Work with large volume of data and organize them on a daily basis.
    – Review data discrepancies as the results from the excel automation that extracts data from PDF Prospectuses and automatically compares with the original Excel data sources. Determine if discrepancies are legit errors using all the data sources/logics  provides.
    – Candidate will be trained to work with several data sources: 300 variable fund names, the Fund line-up grid, the products list, all the data feeds, etc. in order to handle the reviewing job between the PDFs and Excel data source.
    – Communicate clearly with the Fund management team to discuss issues/errors and outstanding funds.
    – Use the Annual Prospectus Review (ARP) system to record legit errors clearly and precisely for Legal team to follow/understand the issue in order to update their PDF Prospectuses. Training will be provided on how to record the comments in the ARP system.
    – Review and update several Legal documentations when necessary.
    – Validate PDFs fund prospectuses before posting them on the website.
    – Notes: Errors are not acceptable. Prospectus has to be 100% accurate for sign off and to be sent out to  clients​​

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