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Title: Event Planner – Remote


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    Producer, Virtual Events & Multimedia
    • Seeking a unique hybrid of event production, content broadcasting, and media strategy with a track record of leading successful virtual events.
    • Responsible for coordinating and configuring the layout, design and features during the virtual engagement process
    • Responsible for providing its audience & stakeholders with an understanding of multimedia and technical requirements to create an enhanced user experience
    • Responsible for virtual event/meeting preparational efforts (including promotional asset management), delivery of technical training as needed, and full execution of live day, or simulate, virtual events/meetings
    Responsibilities / Role Overview
    • Coordinate and configure key elements of virtual events, meetings and program workshops including the layout, features, and design of virtual engagement
    • Produce weekly/monthly/annual virtual meetings, workshops and webinars for New York Life’s Field Managers
    • Transform virtual learning into a trouble-free, fast moving, interactive session keeping learners engaged and facilitators on track
    • Work with program managers, faculty and third party vendors to schedule events and send calendar invitations/reminders to participants
    • Coordinate and conduct rehearsals in addition to A/V technical testing ensuring optimal backgrounds and lighting
    • Update, organize and prepare necessary content within virtual environments
    • Assign and manage breakout rooms during workshops
    • Provide technical advice on developing an interactive user experience by embedding activities (polls, surveys, knowledge checks, etc.) into virtual events
    • Provide in-house training/technical consultation on Zoom functionality for program managers and faculty
    • Establish KPIs to measure event effectiveness and impact
    • Work with SMRU to gain legal approval ensuring virtual production is executed compliantly (to the highest regard)
    • Streamline and govern digital content and media assets by way of Aprimo (and Agency Portal)

    Key Qualifications & Requirements
    • 5+ years’ of relevant experience producing virtual events
    • Ability to design and implement strategies to enhance the virtual user experience
    • Understanding of technical options for cross-functional onsite and remote virtual event broadcasting
    • Strongly proficient in/using: Office 365 Suite, ZOOM Video, Webinar & Meeting Conferencing, Salesforce CRM Platform, Kaltura Video Cloud Platform, Aprimo Software
    • Understanding of HTML and CSS is a favorable plus
    • Experience and skills in video editing preferable
    • Thorough understanding of analytics and the ability to monitor and measure success metrics
    • A passion for virtual event production, a desire to explore new technologies and comfortable working under tight deadlines
    • Exceptional interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
    • Strong listening skills, agility, attention to detail, and decision-making ability​



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