Job #: 1942

Title: C++


  • New York City, NY
  • Job Type:

  • Contract
  • Specialty:

  • C++
  • Contract Pay Rate:
  • $50-75
    • Anywhere
    • Posted 2 years ago

    ​Job Title: Software/C++ Developer

    Algo Trading Risk Control Developer – C++ Description – We are looking for a smart, creative, results-oriented individual to join our New York software development team. Analysis of problems, design, and implementation will be key parts of this role.

    An ideal candidate will have:
    -Deep knowledge of data structures and algorithms
    -An appetite for solving complex software engineering problems in a global setting
    -Experience writing production C/C++ code, and R&D skills to address tough problems head-on
    -Candidates will be expected to collaborate with a global team of like-minded peers and work in a team setting
    -Knowledge of financial systems and related trading technologies (e.g. FIX) is not a prerequisite, though we expect candidates to adapt quickly.

    About TRC: We are important parts of various trading systems of, functioning as risk controls and/or regulatory checking before an order flows into the exchange. Our software performs many underlying functions: high performance networking, messaging, persistence, recovery, state machines, operating system integration, compilers, and automated testing frameworks. Our clients are the trading risk managers in the business departments, while our partners are other trading order manager systems in the organization, so we are not only technologically focused but also facing understanding and analyzing the business requirements. Our platform of choice is Linux RedHat, C/C++ for the core libraries and Python for testing frameworks.

    – 5+ years’ experience writing production code
    – Expert in C/C++ skills; rich experience with Boost and/or STL libraries; experience in C++11 or beyond is preferred
    – Good sense of low latency programming and experience of performance tuning – Working knowledge of a scripting language; Python preferred
    – Proficiency with Linux; i.e. shell scripting, process management, multi-threading, operating systems, comfort with project life-cycle, source control, and testing methodologies
    -Experience with automation, agile, and continuous integration a plus
    – Knowledge of financial technologies (e.g. FIX) is a plus
    – Good English written and verbal communication skills. ​


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