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Title: Application Support


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    • Posted 12 months ago

    Administrative Support for SEIBI WG (Working Group) Unit
    Coordinate all internal moves with target Americas IT Department (“AITD”) Unit(s), applicable non-AITD departments/units, Service Desk, Server and Network Administration Unit (“SNU)/PC & Server Administration (“PSA”)/PC Team, and Property Management Unit (“PMU”), including making inquiries to these teams or answering any inquiry from them, and submitting tickets (called “URE” internally) to request the move of existing Desktop PC/IP Phone/Facility
    Assist and register any visitors from  Head Office (“HO”), third party vendors, or anybody in group entities who will require a building access, arrange meeting schedules with them and SEIBI members, especially for , and pick up visitors and escort them to designated SEIBI members
    Support any administrative task for employee/consultant onboarding process, including to submit UREs to request the new Desktop PC/IP Phone/Facility Setup to enable the new hire to start working
    Assist any new expat from HO to enable him/her to start working (URE, business card orders, etc.) and coordinate with Americas Administration Department (General Administration Unit) to register the expat(s) in our system called ERS (Employee Registration System)
    Create and send a monthly entertainment/gift report to Americas Legal & Compliance Department (“ALCD”)
    Register any gift that is received from  HO (or other group entity) visitors or third party vendors in our system called “Concur”
    Maintain members of any SEIBI group email addresses
    Keep records of Duty Transfer Sheet for SEIBI WG Unit
    Manage a Outlook calendar, travel arrangements
    Act as the first contact person for HO communications about miscellaneous tasks of SEIBI project (“PJ”)
    Order stationary items and provide SEIBI members with those stationaries if requested
    Maintain contents of any cabinet that is assigned to SEIBI WG Unit as neatly as possible
    Expense Control for SEIBI WG Unit
    Keep track of all purchases and reimbursements from SEIBI members that should be processed in the SEIBI direct expense budget, and conduct a monthly reconciliation
    Act as the approver for any purchase/reimbursement that is processed under the SEIBI Unit Code in PeopleSoft or Concur after approvals by requestor’s line manager and SEIBI WG Unit Leader
    Day-to-Day SEIBI Project Support
    Support day-to-day tasks of the SEIBI project as directed by the SEIBI project managements, such as setting up internal meetings, etc.
    Support any administrative task for application onboarding process
    Support any administrative task for vendor contract onboarding process, including Third Party Risk Management proces
    Secondary Administrative Support for Systems Planning Unit (“SPU”)
    Support administrative tasks similar to the ones in the section a) for SPU to certain degree that will not disrupt the primary support functions (Tasks listed in the Section a, b, c above) for SEIBI WG Unit.

    Bachelor’s degree is required (Note: The degree from US institutions is preferable)
    2+ years of hands on administrative support experiences
    Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook is a must. Other applications in Microsoft Office Suite, such as Access, Visio, Project is preferable
    Good communication skills in written and verbal in both English and Japanese (Note: College-level written communications are required)
    Ability to prioritize tasks and follow directions
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